Drop off – service:

– Drop-off your laundry in Sant Jordi and we’ll wash it and get it ready to pick it up anytime

– Eco-Friendly Wash & Fold: Gentle on the planet.

– Expert Ironing: Crisp perfection for your garments.

Business Service: for B2B Clients

For our B2B partners, including hotels, villas, and businesses seeking pristine staff attire, CAN WASH offers comprehensive eco-friendly washing and ironing services. Benefit from both express and regular delivery options, ensuring your operations run smoothly and sustainably.

Auto-Service: Visit Us for Self-Washing Convenience

At all CAN WASH locations, we invite B2C clients to embrace the ease of our self-service laundry machines. Equipped with eco-friendly laundry products, ensuring a sustainable wash every visit. Join us, and experience the future of laundry today.

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